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Vision provides a breathing space for Indian artisans to grow, nourish and create an identity of their skills and products at the global level where customers can find them and experience the rich taste of their exotic handicrafts.


  • Build a platform and help artisans all over India, sell globally where customers can find and discover Indian handicrafts they might want to buy online.

  • Identify, collaborate, innovate, devise and to create a profitable social enterprise.

  • Increase the awareness of handicrafts and life dependency of artisans on it, by preserving rich heritage, the culture of India.

  • Empower artisans to earn sustainable incomes and, in doing so, fight poverty. Our artisan groups come from diverse geographies and cultural backgrounds.

  • Help improve artisan’s handicraft processes, its systems, and quality so that resources yield optimum results.

  • Women Empowerment: We firmly believe that our women must be financially independent. By giving their craft respect and the true value it deserves, we have brought about greater interest and engagement of artisans in their work.

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