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Illkal Sarees & Guledagudda Khan Fabric- A Tradition of Handlooom

Updated: May 21, 2019

We had visited the cluster where authentically the Illkal sarees are weaved. We felt very sorry to see the Handlooms are now replaced by Power looms and the original art is in the verge of dying. But still the beauty of original sari is everlasting. We were amazed to know that it takes around 28 days to make such one authentic sari on handloom. We were then moved 50kms away from Illkal to Guledagudda where there is the origin of Khana fabric. This fabric is loved by almost each and every woman who loves to wear Indian ethnic apparels. The traditional Guledgudda Khana (Choli or Blouse, elsewhere called Khana), is the only traditional cluster making blouse fabric in India. Khana are the choli or blouse material with extra warp dobby figures, which are the traditional products of northern Karnataka. Earlier it was woven on pit loom having no warp beam using silk warp and cotton weft. Now-a-days due to the existence of power loom most of the weavers are using extra warp beam but dimension of the material remains same.

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