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  • Adhar Samajik Sanstha

Free Medicines distribution to Pregnant Women and Infants at Sangrul

Vitamin Angels is a global non profit organisation with a mission to reach children under five with essential micro-nutrients. They currently work with 400+ NGOs in India to reach 12.5 million children with vitamin A and deworming. Vitamin A is a very essential element needed by the body to build a strong immune system. Deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to Blindness and also lead to diseases like diarrhea, Measles etc. The govt. of India has a policy for supplementation of Vitamin A but unfortunately only 60% of the kids could be covered even after the program being prevalent for 40 years. We(Adhar samajik Santha) gave our support in reaching out to the children and their mothers. We distributed these supplements which were free of charge and tried to reach rural people who availed this facility.

We distributed in kind only:

· Vitamin A supplements for children underfive

· Albendazole deworming tablets for children underfive

· Multivitamins for pregnant women

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