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A Bit About Us

Adhar Samajik Sanstha, Yalgud is a livelihood development initiative involved in developing a network of artisans, workers, and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high-quality handicrafts. We are a non-profit company registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.
Adhar Samajik Sanstha continuous its mended for holistic development of rural populations in the areas of women empowerment, livelihood, skill development, health, education, nutrition, mother and child health care services and the developing needs of marginalized people of India Bangladesh from its inception 2006. At the same time Adhar has been continuing micro credit, social development, agricultural development, livestock, water resources management, hazardous child labour reduction, human rights, education, child education, skill development activities for ensuring equitable society free from poverty in working area.
Adhar managed mentioned programs in more than 50 villages. Different need-based programs are aimed to enhancing the capabilities of deprived people in terms of social development, micro finance, health, environment, rights and governance, education and human development, and with empowering them to solve the problems that affect their lives and to cooperate with each other to resisting oppression and exploitation.
For last 12 years of development journey, Adhar has been serving with untiring efforts to bring forth and optimum development situation. For the sake of bringing sustainable food security, skill development, livelihood development, Adhar provides demand-driven and bottom-up services, instead of supply-driven and top-down services, ensuring community participation in every step from planning, through decision-making to implementation and monitoring and follow-up as well as cost sharing by community people. This approach has contributed greatly to the sustainability of the program success.
Currently, Adhar Samajik Sanstha is working with the artisan community in major districts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, India. In addition to supporting existing artisans with contemporary design/product development support and consistent orders, the initiative has also been training new artisans, particular women into the handicraft cluster in order to revive the cluster with an infusion of fresh skills, designs and markets and supporting the artisans to build viable micro-entrepreneurial alternatives.
Adhar Samajik Sanstha also partners with markets and develops designs for products and services so that the efforts of the artisans are dovetailed with professional inputs, backed by contemporary and relevant designs and market approaches.

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